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The story of Pagochea goes back to New York. In New York we always use a certain Caribbean Hot Sauce. When we moved back to Denver it started to become an inconvenience to get the product that we we’re used to having.  Esther suggested that I go in the kitchen and try to come up with our own recipe. For a couple of years we worked on it. Sending a sample home, having different people try it. Then it was back in the kitchen try it again. After a couple of years we got the approval of all the elders.  From that time we would give people hot sauce in baby food jars, pickle jars, small mustard jars or what ever we could find.. We’re happy to have something that we’re use to having.  As time went on everyone started telling us that we should start selling the sauce. We started doing our research and found a small bottle co. in Denver. They were a real help, not only did they help us get the bottles but the gave us information that was very vital to get us going.

By 2000 we started getting a small customer base and it was growing. In 2004 Esther got laid off after 14 years with the City & County of Denver.It’s really amazing how God works. We always said that we couldn’t do the business full time until the children were grown. It just so happens that our youngest son graduated from high school and Esther got laid off.  So Esther started the company and we started selling in the farmers market. We have tripled the amount of hot sauce that we sold in the first year. The Name Pagochea means family. We took the first two initial from our children name, Esther’s first initial and my middle initial that’s how the name Pagochea was created. And as the say the rest is history. We thank you for your support. God Bless!

  "I was introduce to Pagohea in 2004, since that time, to take advantage of the unique favor, my wife and I have used this sauce on hamburgers, hotdogs, steaks and pork chops. I highly recommend this versatile sauce for flavoring your meats."

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